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Hi peeps, it feels like i have not  been updating my blog in ages (padahal baru braper hari je kan) hahaha rindu nya! i was down with fever so everything seems so slow ~ anyways... just to inform the 'world' that my hubby has started blogging again! He's a part time photographer and a freelancer... so for those who are getting married, getting engaged, looking for a photographer for family potraits etc etc.. he is definitely the right person for it! Good Rates, Reasonable with Good Quality Pictures and Printing.. you name it.. he's got it all! Please do check him out @
Bare in mind that he just started the blog, so there are not many pictures uploaded yet :), but please do check it out ya .

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hai-O Premium Beautiful TVC

Premium Beautiful Cash Rebate.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

What i have achieved in less than a month

Syukur Alhamdulillah... within a month this is the extra income that i have gained. MasyaAllah... unbelievable... Syukur syukur.. duit baru masuk today. Who would have thought, kerja tak susah sangat pun and yet i can still gain a lot! Imagine baru part time... if i buat full time.. I'm sure i will gain more! Within a month I managed to get 10k pluss and free trip to Hong Kong for 2 all paid for ok! and 2 tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland!! Memang worth my time and energy lah... memang berbaloi! Ok this month nak target Car fund pls! HAAAA nak kereta aper ye..... JENG JENG JENGGGGG!
RM 10,000 plus plus within a month!



CALL ME AT 0123853244 NOW!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

CANADA -Part 1

There is a long stretch of holiday next year where you will only need to take 2 days leave in between! You'll get about 9 days from end of January to early February.  What an awesome way to start the year! Perhaps I should take this opportunity to go on a holiday with my hubby and my baby :) But where to??
Well i had a discussion with hubby a few nights ago, we might want to consider Canada. Why Canada? because hubby used to study in Edmonton, Alberta and he misses his friends and landlord, and the Uni yadda yadda yadda... hehe OK i don't mind Canada really. Never been there so i guess it wouldn't be such a bad idea after all :) If we do decide on Canada means we need a lot of MOOLAH! EHEEH guess that I've got to work extra hard these 2 months to get the tickets, to pay for the accomodation, shopping money etc. etc. With the business that I'm currently doing, insyaAllah everything seems possible. Amin....
Perhaps one of the most overlooked places in Canada is Alberta. Since my hubby wants to visit his friends, i guess we might be spending most of our time there. Lets see of the interesting places that we can visit there.

                                            UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA
We definitely have to come here because this was where my hubby studied so this is a must visit place :)

                                        Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens
I'm not sure where exactly the place is but it looks amazing! Such a beautiful place... MasyaAllah ..Perhaps we should consider to visit this place too :)

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and houses some of the provinces best museums, universities, cultural centers and entertainment sectors. I'm not too sure if the University of Alberta is in Edmonton City. Gotta check with hubby first.
 I wanted to upload more pics of the places to visit in Alberta as well as other parts of Canada but something was wrong. Oh well... i guess this post will be continued until i figure out what is the cause. Till then TATA.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Bee... I'm in serious need of a holiday!

I have been so busy lately.. had to complete all the pending work at the office since i'm moving to a new OPU on the 15th as well as expanding my business at the same time and working hard to make sure all my business partners get to make it for the Hong Kong trip with me in April. Was out the whole day today meeting clients, etc. PHEWWW work has really taking a toll on my body. I am in serious need of a holiday... can't wait for my Singapore trip this end of the year! The Year end and Xmas sale in Singapore is definitely something not to be missed! Getting my first cheque on the 12th yeay!! Can't wait! This time i can definitely afford to spend at THE PARAGON! All this while I would just stand outside and not dare to go in !

MasyaAllah hehe i think i might settle with one designer bag first hehehe and lotsa lotsa shoes! and clothes! we'll see . I hope i wont go crazy when I'm there which i definitely think i would! haha I spent thousands of ringgit the last time i was there.. I really gotta go easy on the shopping spree!

Huaaaaaa 29th seems too far away... wish i could go tomorrow... so exhausted... huaaa i wanna go on a holiday! ok back to reality! Tomorrow will be another busy day for me... have to wake up early and make food stock for my baby, then I have brunch with my hubby's family (Dim Sum yummy!), have one appointment with a client and in the evening i have a recording session with our one and only Hunny Madu. I'm doing BV for her new song. She is super talented! Love the song hun! Can't wait to hear the whole album! This would be my first recording session after soooooo long! Looking forward to tomorrow's session! I better get some rest now.. or else I wont be able to sing good . Nitey Nite people!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alhamdulillah Syukur

Alhamdulillah...... November has been a really good month for me. Remember my post earlier this month on the biggest decision I've ever made? Yes guess that has paid off really really well for me. Alhamdulillah ..who would have thought that i would become a Senior Sales Manager in just 2 weeks??? Unbelievable! The first time i got involved in this business ingat kan memang susah sangat nak reach this level. Didn't really have that much confidence. I guess with enough effort, time and commitment anyone pun boleh berjaya kan! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah..... insyaAllah by 12th december ni dapat la my first cheque RM 7,000! Even my monthly pay pun haven't reached that figure yet. MasyaAllah. Syukor sangat sangat! Ok now my target is to reach DSM by end of december.. must work harder and put more effort! Car loan + free holidays! 

Anyone who would like to join me in my journey in becoming a successful entrepreneur.. call me at 0123853244 now!

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to annoy your spouse :P

Conversations with hubby this morning:

At 6 am today.

Me : "Sayang, wake up..can you please take the weighing scale i want to weigh myself pleaseeeeee. You promised last night you would take from mama's room this morning "

Dengan mengantuknya , with one eye opened halfway
Hubby : "Haaaa... hmmmm..." ZzZzzzZZzZZzZ Snore Snore

Me: "Sayang!!!! You promised!!! pleaseeee huaaaaaaa "

Hubby : "Huh???! apa dia???" (Terkejut, Finally he's awake)

Me: " Semalam you promised nak ambikkan the scale from mama's room.. cepat laa.. i nak mandi nie . Its 6.05 already. Nak sembahyang subuh and blow rambut lagi. Nanti lambat you marah me :P "

Hubby : " Hish.... fine.. " Hubby stormed out from the room.

Hubby came back with the weighing scale. He went back to bed.. zZzZzZzzz

Me: "Yeay.. thanks sayang! love you!"

I went to the bathroom, and took my shower.

After 15 minutes.

Me: "Its time to weigh myself.... OMG OMG! nervous nye. This thing better work!!"

Slowly i put one foot on the scale, then another....... Jeng Jeng Jeng....I hate weighing myself!


Hubby : ZzZZzz "HUH!! WHATTTT???" Sian my sayang terkejut for the second time! sowwy!

Me: "I LOST 2.5 KGs!!!! WEEEEHHEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! It works ! It Works!! This thing works!!! Cant wait to tell my friends at work!! Woohooooo!!! Susah gila nak turun even 1 kg! I LOST 2.5 kgs in just almost 2 weeks! CrazY! PB WORKSSS! "

Hubby : "Sayang... jangan la bising sangat nanti Ayesha bangun!" hubby annoyed.

Ayesha : " uwaaaaa... mam... maammmaaaaa...."

Hubby looked at me furiously.

Oppsie Daisy! Ayesha dah bangun. My bad!

Monday, November 22, 2010


 Quadrose - Jamming Session - Careless Whisper

Hey peeps! Sorry i have been so busy lately , didn't have the time to update my blog. Been so busy with work! Miss writing already :)
In the mean time i will leave you with one video clip- My former group's practice session. Love this song. This was one of the last rehearsals i had before i decided to retire. We were rehearsing for FLY FM Campur Chart 2008. Oh yeah, for those who don't know, i used to sing and had a group. We were not mainstream but i am proud to say that we managed to record our very first single with V.E- titled Kerana Cintamu. I posted the clip in one of my entries before ( you can check it out ). Apart from being married and having a baby, didn't think it was a suitable career for me anymore, although singing is my PASSION so yeah i decided to quit :( but yeah i miss singing though and i miss my former group QUADROSE-they are still going strong now ;) . Who knows one day we might reunite and perform again? hehe we'll see ;) Enjoy the clip!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hari Hari I asyik fikir how can I lose weight???  It’s been 8 months since I gave birth and sampai la sekarang,  the last 5 kgs, mak datok SUSAH NYA!! I know one way is to exercise, but macam susah nya nak cari time nak exercise! Kalau lunch time nak spend time to exercise nanti tak makan. Kalau tak makan, nanti susu pun kurang. If I go to the gym after work pulak I will reach home late. By the time I come back Ayesha dah nak tido. Kesian my baby :( Nak makan any supplements to lose weight takut pulak ada side effects.

Given that exercise is not possible at this point of time, my friend recommended me to try out SPANX. I’m sure most of you have heard of SPANX before. Yes, most HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES own one.
 SPANX is the latest must have woman’s undergarment as it gives the  "Look slimmer", "avoid panty lines" and "look and feel your best" effect. After giving it a thought, I decided to give it a try. The main reason i bought Spanx was because my tummy was really flabby after i gave birth to Ayesha and I just wanted to look good ( it was raya time and I wanted to look slimmer :P). Since it was so hard for me to find the time to spend at the gym, this seemed like the best idea at that moment. I LOVED it at first, I received a lot of compliments from family members and friends who thought that I had lost weight and I am back to my normal shape. Memang amazing la sampai almost everyone ingat I dah lost weight.

Tapi after a while, I realized that SPANX would only make you look slimmer when you wear it. It doesn’t help you to lose weight at all. Satu inci pun tak turun, kalau tak pakai alamat boroi la perut I. Takkan nak pakai 24/7 kan? Unless la kalau kena pakai 24/7 and it could help you to lose weight , that would be a different story betul tak? Adoi…. Penatnya nak fikir macam mana nak kurus. Spent a lot on Spanx pun no difference. Nak exercise memang takder time ( malas sebenarnya ) huhu pening jugak masa tu…… until la my beloved cousin Hanis introduced me to PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Hanis! Hanis ni ( is one of the most top Premium Beautiful Agent kat Malaysia ni.. chewah..

WOW! Memang HEBAT! Baca testimonial from orang yang dah ada experience pakai PB ni memang very impressive. For those of you who have not heard of Premium Beautiful, PB adalah pakaian dalam kesihatan & pembetukan kontur badan gabungan teknologi F.I.R -(Far Infrared Rays). It is designed to ensure that you can achieve immediate desirable results safely without having to consume any medications or to go under surgery. Premium Beautiful ni adalah produk berkualiti tinggi hasil gabungan 4 buah negara maju - Jepun, Jerman, USA & Taiwan. Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where it gently elevates the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.

Let me share with you the benefits of F.I.R :
-It helps people suffering from all forms of arthiritus, relieves muscle spasms and joint stiffness.
-it increases the extensibility of collagen tissues and capillaries which is good for stimulation of blood flow,  regeneration, circulation and oxygenation
-FIR therapy assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates
-FIR therapy has proven extremely beneficial in weight control programmes. It is observed that one hour  under the FIR therapy raise the body metabolism and body temperature that it  burns 900 calories. FIR   heat also breaks down cellulite – trapped water, fat and waste in the body
-It helps to prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease and blood circulation. -It relieves  nervous tension and relaxes autoneuro muscles.
-FIR helps to improve skin conditions and all-around beauty treatment.
- It is also said to help body strengthen the immunity system by stimulating increased production of white  blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

Interesting kan? confirm boleh kurus. Not just that, kesihatan pun terjamin. I dah pun pakai PB ni for almost one week. So far so good! Much better as compared to SPANX. Within a week one inch dah turun ok! AMAZING! Can't wait to share with all of you the final result :) 


OH anyone yang interested nak beli PB ni or nak tau more , you can contact me at :



Kerana Cintamu - Quadrose & V.E


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Charice LISTEN at GLEE - Audition Episode [HD]


Baby Food Recipe

I spent my weekend at home cooking food for my baby :)
Ayesha is 8 months today and she has started on solids for almost 3 months now ( I only introduced her food 2 weeks before she turned 6 months ). Of course like any other mother, I am very particular with what Ayesha eats. I don't believe in feeding her food in jars where you can buy from the supermarkets. Yes I am a working mom and my schedules are quite packed but that does not give me an excuse to not cook for my baby ( I don't cook for my husband though haha , soon soon insyaAllah ) Making your own homemade baby food will ensure that what your child eats is fresh, nutritious and free of additives and can also help us to save MONEY. Apart from that the baby will get used to the food the family eats.

Making homemade baby food is as easy as ABC. I'm not an excellent cook, as mentioned earlier I don't even cook for my husband or myself. But baby food is so easy and simple to make. That gives another reason why mothers, working or not should spend at least half to an hour a week ( an hour if you cook a few meals at a time) to cook for their babies. Since I'm working, I only have time to cook on weekends, so I usually cook for a week's stock at once. It is always better to cook fresh daily but if you don't have the time, it is still ok to cook once a week. Hey at least you're making an effort here right ;) You can always get the recipe book from any book store. I got myself a recipe book by Annabel Karmel. 
Love it to bits! Check our her website . 
If you don't want to spend money on books, there's always the Internet, more varieties and its FREE. 

I tried new recipes yesterday, 1 which i got from the internet and 2 which I created myself ( macam pandai sangat je, but my baby loves it!)

1. Tofu with Mango + Banana
1/4 pack of Soft Tofu ( up to you )
3/4 Mango ( up to you )
1 Banana  ( up to you )

- Blend the Banana + Mango + Tofu together to the desired consistency.
- Serve or Freeze immediately

2. Tofu with Apple + Pear + Banana
1/4 pack of Soft Tofu ( up to you )
1 Golden Pear ( up to you ) - skin removed
1 Apple - skin removed
A few slices of Banana

- Cut the Golden Pear and Apple into small cubes.
- Steam the Pear and Apple for about 15 minutes (depends  on your steamer) for easier blending
-  Blend Pear + Apple + Banana + Tofu together
-  Serve chill or freeze it immediately.

3. Kurau Fish with Spinach and Sweet potatoes.
1/4 of Kurau Fish ( any type of fish as desired )
Some spinach
2 Sweet potatoes

- Steam the fish, spinach and sweet potatoes seperately until cooked. 
-  Blend the ingredients together to the deisred consistency.
- Serve or freeze immediately

Whalla....! So simple right?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams

Mrs Vainpot

You must be wondering, what's with the nick? hahah well long story... here goes, when i was 12, i was really into American movies, to the extent that I would rent a few different videos from the video rent shop with my sister every week. hahah YES that bad! takder kerja kan, asyik tgk movie je haha i was also into teen magazines like B.O.P, Teen Beats, B.B and Smash Hits and i was a huge Huge fan of Brad Renfro ( may he rest in peace ) and Anna Chlumsky. You know the girl who acted in My Girl 1&2? Yes her. So one day, i rented out one of Anna's movie  titled "Gold Diggers". She had short hair.

                                                   Christina Ricci & Anna Chlumsky
                                                                 (yes that's the hair)

Being her huge fan , I instantly fell in love with the hairstyle! I don’t know what got into me that day, I decided to cut my hair short! And god knows why, I let my sister cut it for me and not the hairdresser! That was the most stupid move ever!!!! It turned out of course BAD! REAL Bad! Malu nya nak pergi sekolah then, my hair was damn UGLY! I cried and refused to go to school the next day. Mom tried to pujuk me and promised to fix it for me.. So I let her... and she cut it even shorter and it looked more flat! huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. WHYYY ... WHYYYYY?????!!! 

THAT was when it all began... I started to become so conscious about my hair. It was so flat, and short and my fringe was a bit wavy and ugly, I started to blow dry my hair to school! That was the only way to make it look better. Ahha I got hooked with blow drying my hair every day (YES I STILL DO UNTIL NOW :p) and I began to love short hair and decided to keep my hair short (neckline) until I finished high school ( cause takmau ikat rambut cause nanti jendul ) YES MY FOREHEAD IS SO WIDE, u can play football on it :P.

My hair was my everything... In high school, i used to spend most of my time at the toilet, checking out myself in the mirror. Basically where there's mirror, that's where I would be. hahaha SO VAIN! Every 10 minutes I would ask my friends   "How’s my hair?" or "Ok tak my hair?"  Those were my famous lines ahhaha. Thank god they didn’t hate me for that! I was so annoying I know... so yeah ever since then I was known as:

                                             "MISS VAINPOT"

I still remember one incident when I slept over at my best friend's place one day and there was no electricity. I had to get ready for a show (i had a singing performance at one of the Boys Schools in Pj) I could not use the hairdryer cause there was no electricity!! It was like a disaster for me! I was miserable, I called up my dad, crying and asked him to pick me up and bring me home so that I could blow dry my hair! YES SO VAIN I KNOW! I told you! hahah so yeah my dad came and picked me up, drove me home, styled my hair, sent me back to my best friend's house and went to the show. (Poor Daddy!)

I am still vain now, although I’m married with a child. Haha but I can say that I’m more in control of my vainess haha. But I am happy to be me J and I am happy that I found a life partner who is as vain as me or maybe VAINER J  ( oh wait until i tell you how vain he is :P )

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Renee Olstead - Summertime

Biggest Decision

Everyone has a dream. Being HUMAN, i have always dreamed of being someone important and successful and RICH & FAMOUS! Not that i am not grateful with what i have now, alhamdulillah i have a wonderful family who is always there for me, a kind and caring husband who never stops believing in me, my adorable baby Ayesha who always puts a smile on my face and a stable career . But somehow, i am still not satisfied with where i am now... i know i can be a better person, i know i can contribute much more to my family especially my baby. I would give the world to her if i could.
Yesterday, i made one of the most impromptu and biggest decisions ever!
I decided to pursue my dreams and follow my instincts. I know if i don’t do it now i will not do it ever! Call me crazy but somehow i think this is the right move to make...InsyaAllah with his guidance, i will succeed. amin..

Hello Blogging World!

Hi there! Omg! i never knew that one day i would have my own blog.  ahaha Happy to be here :)