Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Bee... I'm in serious need of a holiday!

I have been so busy lately.. had to complete all the pending work at the office since i'm moving to a new OPU on the 15th as well as expanding my business at the same time and working hard to make sure all my business partners get to make it for the Hong Kong trip with me in April. Was out the whole day today meeting clients, etc. PHEWWW work has really taking a toll on my body. I am in serious need of a holiday... can't wait for my Singapore trip this end of the year! The Year end and Xmas sale in Singapore is definitely something not to be missed! Getting my first cheque on the 12th yeay!! Can't wait! This time i can definitely afford to spend at THE PARAGON! All this while I would just stand outside and not dare to go in !

MasyaAllah hehe i think i might settle with one designer bag first hehehe and lotsa lotsa shoes! and clothes! we'll see . I hope i wont go crazy when I'm there which i definitely think i would! haha I spent thousands of ringgit the last time i was there.. I really gotta go easy on the shopping spree!

Huaaaaaa 29th seems too far away... wish i could go tomorrow... so exhausted... huaaa i wanna go on a holiday! ok back to reality! Tomorrow will be another busy day for me... have to wake up early and make food stock for my baby, then I have brunch with my hubby's family (Dim Sum yummy!), have one appointment with a client and in the evening i have a recording session with our one and only Hunny Madu. I'm doing BV for her new song. She is super talented! Love the song hun! Can't wait to hear the whole album! This would be my first recording session after soooooo long! Looking forward to tomorrow's session! I better get some rest now.. or else I wont be able to sing good . Nitey Nite people!


  1. dat's gr8 farah! you are super talented...dah lama tak dengar u nyanyi :)

  2. omg nanti i cerita what happened at the recording session ok! but all in all i had a great time!