Sunday, December 12, 2010

CANADA -Part 1

There is a long stretch of holiday next year where you will only need to take 2 days leave in between! You'll get about 9 days from end of January to early February.  What an awesome way to start the year! Perhaps I should take this opportunity to go on a holiday with my hubby and my baby :) But where to??
Well i had a discussion with hubby a few nights ago, we might want to consider Canada. Why Canada? because hubby used to study in Edmonton, Alberta and he misses his friends and landlord, and the Uni yadda yadda yadda... hehe OK i don't mind Canada really. Never been there so i guess it wouldn't be such a bad idea after all :) If we do decide on Canada means we need a lot of MOOLAH! EHEEH guess that I've got to work extra hard these 2 months to get the tickets, to pay for the accomodation, shopping money etc. etc. With the business that I'm currently doing, insyaAllah everything seems possible. Amin....
Perhaps one of the most overlooked places in Canada is Alberta. Since my hubby wants to visit his friends, i guess we might be spending most of our time there. Lets see of the interesting places that we can visit there.

                                            UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA
We definitely have to come here because this was where my hubby studied so this is a must visit place :)

                                        Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens
I'm not sure where exactly the place is but it looks amazing! Such a beautiful place... MasyaAllah ..Perhaps we should consider to visit this place too :)

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and houses some of the provinces best museums, universities, cultural centers and entertainment sectors. I'm not too sure if the University of Alberta is in Edmonton City. Gotta check with hubby first.
 I wanted to upload more pics of the places to visit in Alberta as well as other parts of Canada but something was wrong. Oh well... i guess this post will be continued until i figure out what is the cause. Till then TATA.

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