Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biggest Decision

Everyone has a dream. Being HUMAN, i have always dreamed of being someone important and successful and RICH & FAMOUS! Not that i am not grateful with what i have now, alhamdulillah i have a wonderful family who is always there for me, a kind and caring husband who never stops believing in me, my adorable baby Ayesha who always puts a smile on my face and a stable career . But somehow, i am still not satisfied with where i am now... i know i can be a better person, i know i can contribute much more to my family especially my baby. I would give the world to her if i could.
Yesterday, i made one of the most impromptu and biggest decisions ever!
I decided to pursue my dreams and follow my instincts. I know if i don’t do it now i will not do it ever! Call me crazy but somehow i think this is the right move to make...InsyaAllah with his guidance, i will succeed. amin..

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  1. Babeee!! I know you can do this. Dont worry, you'll make it!! :D