Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mrs Vainpot

You must be wondering, what's with the nick? hahah well long story... here goes, when i was 12, i was really into American movies, to the extent that I would rent a few different videos from the video rent shop with my sister every week. hahah YES that bad! takder kerja kan, asyik tgk movie je haha i was also into teen magazines like B.O.P, Teen Beats, B.B and Smash Hits and i was a huge Huge fan of Brad Renfro ( may he rest in peace ) and Anna Chlumsky. You know the girl who acted in My Girl 1&2? Yes her. So one day, i rented out one of Anna's movie  titled "Gold Diggers". She had short hair.

                                                   Christina Ricci & Anna Chlumsky
                                                                 (yes that's the hair)

Being her huge fan , I instantly fell in love with the hairstyle! I don’t know what got into me that day, I decided to cut my hair short! And god knows why, I let my sister cut it for me and not the hairdresser! That was the most stupid move ever!!!! It turned out of course BAD! REAL Bad! Malu nya nak pergi sekolah then, my hair was damn UGLY! I cried and refused to go to school the next day. Mom tried to pujuk me and promised to fix it for me.. So I let her... and she cut it even shorter and it looked more flat! huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. WHYYY ... WHYYYYY?????!!! 

THAT was when it all began... I started to become so conscious about my hair. It was so flat, and short and my fringe was a bit wavy and ugly, I started to blow dry my hair to school! That was the only way to make it look better. Ahha I got hooked with blow drying my hair every day (YES I STILL DO UNTIL NOW :p) and I began to love short hair and decided to keep my hair short (neckline) until I finished high school ( cause takmau ikat rambut cause nanti jendul ) YES MY FOREHEAD IS SO WIDE, u can play football on it :P.

My hair was my everything... In high school, i used to spend most of my time at the toilet, checking out myself in the mirror. Basically where there's mirror, that's where I would be. hahaha SO VAIN! Every 10 minutes I would ask my friends   "How’s my hair?" or "Ok tak my hair?"  Those were my famous lines ahhaha. Thank god they didn’t hate me for that! I was so annoying I know... so yeah ever since then I was known as:

                                             "MISS VAINPOT"

I still remember one incident when I slept over at my best friend's place one day and there was no electricity. I had to get ready for a show (i had a singing performance at one of the Boys Schools in Pj) I could not use the hairdryer cause there was no electricity!! It was like a disaster for me! I was miserable, I called up my dad, crying and asked him to pick me up and bring me home so that I could blow dry my hair! YES SO VAIN I KNOW! I told you! hahah so yeah my dad came and picked me up, drove me home, styled my hair, sent me back to my best friend's house and went to the show. (Poor Daddy!)

I am still vain now, although I’m married with a child. Haha but I can say that I’m more in control of my vainess haha. But I am happy to be me J and I am happy that I found a life partner who is as vain as me or maybe VAINER J  ( oh wait until i tell you how vain he is :P )

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  1. FARAH!!!!! Omg welcome to the world of BLOGGING!!! and yes i remember the no-electricity incident!!!! ahahahahahahhaa!!! good times! i miss u babes!!! shd meet up soon ok!!! xoxo

    ps: and this is coming from the friend who used to mess up ur hair juz to annoy u! ahahaha! :P