Friday, November 26, 2010

How to annoy your spouse :P

Conversations with hubby this morning:

At 6 am today.

Me : "Sayang, wake up..can you please take the weighing scale i want to weigh myself pleaseeeeee. You promised last night you would take from mama's room this morning "

Dengan mengantuknya , with one eye opened halfway
Hubby : "Haaaa... hmmmm..." ZzZzzzZZzZZzZ Snore Snore

Me: "Sayang!!!! You promised!!! pleaseeee huaaaaaaa "

Hubby : "Huh???! apa dia???" (Terkejut, Finally he's awake)

Me: " Semalam you promised nak ambikkan the scale from mama's room.. cepat laa.. i nak mandi nie . Its 6.05 already. Nak sembahyang subuh and blow rambut lagi. Nanti lambat you marah me :P "

Hubby : " Hish.... fine.. " Hubby stormed out from the room.

Hubby came back with the weighing scale. He went back to bed.. zZzZzZzzz

Me: "Yeay.. thanks sayang! love you!"

I went to the bathroom, and took my shower.

After 15 minutes.

Me: "Its time to weigh myself.... OMG OMG! nervous nye. This thing better work!!"

Slowly i put one foot on the scale, then another....... Jeng Jeng Jeng....I hate weighing myself!


Hubby : ZzZZzz "HUH!! WHATTTT???" Sian my sayang terkejut for the second time! sowwy!

Me: "I LOST 2.5 KGs!!!! WEEEEHHEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! It works ! It Works!! This thing works!!! Cant wait to tell my friends at work!! Woohooooo!!! Susah gila nak turun even 1 kg! I LOST 2.5 kgs in just almost 2 weeks! CrazY! PB WORKSSS! "

Hubby : "Sayang... jangan la bising sangat nanti Ayesha bangun!" hubby annoyed.

Ayesha : " uwaaaaa... mam... maammmaaaaa...."

Hubby looked at me furiously.

Oppsie Daisy! Ayesha dah bangun. My bad!

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