Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Food Recipe

I spent my weekend at home cooking food for my baby :)
Ayesha is 8 months today and she has started on solids for almost 3 months now ( I only introduced her food 2 weeks before she turned 6 months ). Of course like any other mother, I am very particular with what Ayesha eats. I don't believe in feeding her food in jars where you can buy from the supermarkets. Yes I am a working mom and my schedules are quite packed but that does not give me an excuse to not cook for my baby ( I don't cook for my husband though haha , soon soon insyaAllah ) Making your own homemade baby food will ensure that what your child eats is fresh, nutritious and free of additives and can also help us to save MONEY. Apart from that the baby will get used to the food the family eats.

Making homemade baby food is as easy as ABC. I'm not an excellent cook, as mentioned earlier I don't even cook for my husband or myself. But baby food is so easy and simple to make. That gives another reason why mothers, working or not should spend at least half to an hour a week ( an hour if you cook a few meals at a time) to cook for their babies. Since I'm working, I only have time to cook on weekends, so I usually cook for a week's stock at once. It is always better to cook fresh daily but if you don't have the time, it is still ok to cook once a week. Hey at least you're making an effort here right ;) You can always get the recipe book from any book store. I got myself a recipe book by Annabel Karmel. 
Love it to bits! Check our her website . 
If you don't want to spend money on books, there's always the Internet, more varieties and its FREE. 

I tried new recipes yesterday, 1 which i got from the internet and 2 which I created myself ( macam pandai sangat je, but my baby loves it!)

1. Tofu with Mango + Banana
1/4 pack of Soft Tofu ( up to you )
3/4 Mango ( up to you )
1 Banana  ( up to you )

- Blend the Banana + Mango + Tofu together to the desired consistency.
- Serve or Freeze immediately

2. Tofu with Apple + Pear + Banana
1/4 pack of Soft Tofu ( up to you )
1 Golden Pear ( up to you ) - skin removed
1 Apple - skin removed
A few slices of Banana

- Cut the Golden Pear and Apple into small cubes.
- Steam the Pear and Apple for about 15 minutes (depends  on your steamer) for easier blending
-  Blend Pear + Apple + Banana + Tofu together
-  Serve chill or freeze it immediately.

3. Kurau Fish with Spinach and Sweet potatoes.
1/4 of Kurau Fish ( any type of fish as desired )
Some spinach
2 Sweet potatoes

- Steam the fish, spinach and sweet potatoes seperately until cooked. 
-  Blend the ingredients together to the deisred consistency.
- Serve or freeze immediately

Whalla....! So simple right?

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